Secured Destruction Management

Not all documents need to be kept indefinitely by law. Office memos often have a much shorter life span then trust documents. Most documents are required a 7 years mandatory storage period. Whether scanned documents that are needed to be held up to 6 months or some bank documents that are kept longer, the eventual stage of Records Management will be arrived at – Destruction of documents.

Not destroying documents reaching the legally allowed storage period exposes the company to unnecessary problems and disadvantages, not mentioning unnecessary storage expenses. At Mitsui-Soko we assist with the tracking of the expiry date of files in carton or individual files. It's our responsibility to help you control your cost of managing your documents at Mitsui-Soko.

Document destruction has to be correctly managed. Any error can be disastrous when the wrong carton or file is destroyed. To ensure that only the required files are destroyed, a careful plan of action is built around the destruction process so that it gives more time for the authorizing person to rectify any unintentional error or mistake in file selection.

Documents can be shredded for an eco friendly choice. Shredded documents cannot be retrieved anymore. To ensure that document confidentiality and integrity is not breached, the destruction process can be recorded “live”.

As certain vital information can be sold easily to competitors, making sure that all your documents are destroyed by Mitsui-Soko allows you to enjoy a goodnite sleep.