Media Management

Our experience in media management started when we first trusted to collect store and retrieve movie films in huge cylindrical metal containers. Today in Japan, we managed huge quantity of movies films – our initial entry into the world of media management, long before many of our Records Management competitors started managing electronic media items such as microfilms, microfiche, CD Rom, tapes and even thumb drives.

Media management involves a different approach and treatment from document management.

It starts with the collection process from customers. Security is at highest level as each item contains much more data then hard copy documents. Normally transactions are in locked containers at time of physical transaction. Documentation for retrievals has to be “zero error” as delivery of wrong electronic media items can result in loss of business run time and eventual financial losses.

Worst still if moisture and mildew affects the appearance of image or data. That's why at Mitsui-Soko we know the importance of preserving the original condition of the electronic media items through controlled temperature and humidity environment. As more businesses store their documents and data in electronic media, any loss from any origin of heat can be disastrous for management. At Mitsui-Soko, we actively promote the prevent of any heat source that will affect the integrity of the stored data.