Active-File Management

A much preferred mode of records management is multi-documents management such as Active-file Management. At Mitsui-Soko records centres, we manage thousands and thousands of individual files. The security of documents are greatly enhanced as all access to files are documented. Documents stored and retrieved in cartons often creates opportunities for unauthorized access to other files in the carton, often resulting in loss of documents confidentiality when privacy is quietly breached.

File management allows for every single file to be barcoded and tracked online. Access is further controlled when tamperevident seals are used to seal the files. As each individual file location is identified and monitored online, loss of file is no more a worrying factor in the business.

Every file is locked in with a specific location address and whenever auditors or hospital need it, retrieval is managed within minutes.

The biggest advantage of Active-file Management is that swift respond and accurate despatch of file right up to requestor's table often increases the competitiveness of the end user business.

For those who need retrievals within minutes, then Active-file Management is the only assurance against late retrieval of information.

Instant access to desired documents often result in the right decision being made for greater profitability. In business, making an informed decision often makes a huge difference.